Buddee FAQs

What air conditioners is Buddee Smart Plug compatible with?

The Buddee SmartPlug works with any window-type air conditioner available in the Philippines, no matter what brand.

Will my Buddee Smart Plug be damaged if the electric current of my socket spikes?

The Buddee Smart Plug has built-in surge protection that prevents it from being damaged.

Does the plug have any impact on my electricity consumption?

The plug consumption:

  • On standby, the plug consumes 2.3 watts equivalent to P15.53
  • On active the plug consumes 4.6 watts equivalent to P 31.07

This is very minimal compared to the energy efficiency and convenience that the Buddee Smartplug provides.

How do I synchronize my air conditioner with the power status of my mobile app?

For Manual Window type (WRAC) models

Once the Buddee Smartplug is connected to your air conditioner, manually turn on the air conditioner, then turn on the air conditioner from the app and you’re done!

For Remote Window type (WRAC) models

  • Make sure your AC is connected to the Buddee PLUG.
  • The plug RED LED should be OFF by now.
  • If your AC is not ON, turn on your AC using your AC remote control.
  • Your AC is now synced with your Buddee PLUG.
  • On the Buddee APP, press and hold the plug icon to turn the AC OFF.

Note that at this stage, you should now only control your air conditioner with your mobile device through the Buddee app.

Can I use Buddee with an appliance other than an air conditioner?

Your Buddee Smartplug is designed with a plug and receptacle specifically for air conditioners. While you could use adapters to plug in other appliances, we don’t recommend this as the adapter may cause compatibility issues with Buddee and cause damage to the unit.

Can I use multiple mobile devices to control my Buddee Smartplug?

Yes with as many mobile devices needed, as long as the mobile device has the Buddee mobile app installed and the Buddee Smartplug has also been configured in the app via BT and Wi-Fi. Simply log in using the same account credentials as with your other mobile devices to view the plugs that you are currently connected to.

Can more than one person control the appliance?

If you use Facebook as a method of creating your account in the mobile app, only that Facebook account can control the appliance. If you want more than one person to be able to control the appliance, we recommend you set up an account with an email address and password, and share this to other people who want to control the appliance. Make sure that the password you use isn’t the same one you use for your email, social media, or any other accounts, to protect those accounts from misuse

What is the maximum capacity for an air conditioning unit that my Buddee Smartplug could operate with?

Up to 2.5 Hp window type air conditioner. For remote control air conditioners, it will require an auto-restart feature which allows the air conditioner to automatically resume operating in the event power is turned OFF externally (i.e. not by the remote) and then turned on again.

How do I reset my Buddee SmartPlug?

Turn off and disconnect your air conditioner and remove the Buddee Smartplug from the power socket. Wait 15 seconds then re-plug it to the wall socket while holding down the LED button on the front, and continue holding the LED button until you see it start to flash - then release.

The plug is now reset for you to re-add it in the mobile app.

Once factory reset is complete, both LED’s will power off as the unit resets, and return to a “new” state with both RED and GREEN blinking

Important: Keep in mind that once plug has reset, you need to reconfigure ad alerts and notifications since this will have been deleted due to restoration to factory settings.

Can a technician assist the customer in setting up his Buddee Smart Plug at home?

A Buddee Customer Representative can guide you in setting up and configuring the Smart Plug and the Mobile App over the phone.

You may reach us through the following:

  • Email - Send your concerns to support@buddee.ph
  • Web Chat - Chat with us on our website
  • Buddee App - Talk to us using the Buddee Chat Service in the Buddee App

A Buddee Customer Representative can guide you in setting up and configuring the SmartPlug and the Mobile App remotely.

What are the features of the Buddee Smart Plug?

  • Remote On/Off via Wifi, Bluetooth, or 3G/4G/LTE
  • Set multiple schedules by the time of day or day of week
  • Monitor your AC energy consumption in real time or historically (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Set consumption alerts and get notified when your AC energy consumption reaches a specific limit

To learn more about our features, click here.